The Literal Rule

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  • The Literal Rule
    • The starting point for statutory interpretation, developed in the 18th century.
      • The ambiguous word is given its plain, ordinary everyday meaning.
    • Porter (2006)
      • Criminal Justice Act 1988
      • Mr Porter had indecant images of children on his computer, in the recycling bin.
        • "in possession"
          • As he didn't have the software to access his recycling bin,  and possession means to access, they were not in his possession, so he was found not guilty.
    • LNER v Berriman (1946)
      • A man died repairing the tracks. The law said a lookout should be provided.
        • "repairing and relaying"
          • As Mr Berriman was maintaining the tracks and not repairing or relaying them, Mrs Berriman's compensation claims were denied.
      • Fatal Accidents Act 1864


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