The Liberals 1910-1911

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  • The Liberals 1910-1911
    • The Prime Minister called a General Election in Jan 1910 and promised Home Rule in order to get full support of the Irish MPs
      • After the election, the Liberals only had a majority of 2, so the Irish Party was back in the position of power
    • After an issue with the House of Lords, the Liberals forced the Parliament Act of 1911 through
      • This meant that if the HoC agreed to pass a Bill 3 times in 2 years, the HoL HAD to agree to it on the third time
        • HoL could no longer veto
    • By 1911 the (Nationalist) Irish Party was very powerful because...
      • The Irish Party Leader, John Redmond, had a good working relationship with Birrell, who was still in charge when it came to Irish Policy
      • The HoL could no longer permanently block a Home Rule Bill
      • They had a large number of seats and the Liberals needed their help to make sure they had the majority in the HoC
    • This led to Asquith introducing the Third Home Rule Bill


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