The League of nations in Manchuria

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  • The League of Nations in Manchuria
    • In September 1931, the Japanese claimed that Chinese soldiers had sabotaged the Manchurian railway in Korea, which Japan controlled. Japan attacked and by February 1932, had brutally conquered Manchuria.
    • Meanwhile, in January-March 1932, Japan attacked and captured the city of Shanghai in China itself. In March 1932, China appealed to the League of Nations.
    • In April 1932, a League delegation led by Lord Lytton arrived in Manchuria to see what was happening, and in October 1932 it declared that Japan should leave.
    • The League, however, could not agree on sanctions, and Britain and France were not prepared to send an army.
    • Not only did the Japanese stay in Manchuria, but in July 1937 they also invaded China.
    • In February 1933, a special assembly of the League voted against Japan, so the Japanese walked out.


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