The League of Nations - Organisation

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  • The League organisation
    • The Assembly
      • Met up once a year in Geneva
      • Was made up of everyone in The League
      • Admitted new members to The League
        • Could only make unanimous decisions
    • The Council
      • Met to sort out disputes
      • A small group with permanent and non-permanent members
        • Britain, France, Italy and Japan were the permanent members
        • Non-permanent members were elected on a yearly basis
      • Had 3 powers or sanctions it could use if its decision was not listened to
        • 1. Give a warning
        • 2. Cut off trade
        • 3. Send in troops
          • Everyone in the league had to disarm so there was no army
      • Would only act if members brought a problem to it
    • The Permanent Court of International Justice
      • Would only act if members brought a problem to it
      • Could not make people obey its decisions
    • The Secretariat
      • The officials who put all the leagues decisions into practice
    • There was also a number of committees that dealt with individual issues


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