The League of Nations 1920s

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  • The League of Nations 1920s
    • International Disputes
      • Failures
        • Memel 1923
          • Lithuania seizes Memel, a German port under League control
          • League tells Li to leave but Conference of Ambassadors gives M to Li
        • Corfu 1923
          • Italian General Tellini murdered in Greece so Italy occupies C
          • Conference of Ambassadors overrule League's orders for Mussolini to leave, forces G to pay compensation to I
        • French Invasion of The Ruhr 1923
          • League not even consulted, Britain disagreed
        • Smyrna 1922
          • Greeks invade and refuse to leave
        • Vilna 1920
          • Poland refused League orders to withdraw
          • Polish army takes over V, capital of new state of Lithuania
      • Successes
        • Albania and Yugoslavia 1921
          • Border dispute- Y forces occupy A territory, League sends commission of representatives, Y forces wothdraw
        • Bulgaria 1925
          • Greece invades Bulgaria but stops when condemned by League
        • Upper Silesia 1921
          • Wanted by both Germany and Poland
          • Plebiscite organised- land split, industrial areas to G, rural areas to P
        • Mosul 1924
          • Turkey demands Mosul in Iraq, League supports I, T agrees
        • Aaland islands 1921
          • Wanted by both Finland and Sweden
          • League says islands should go to F, S accepts this
    • Social Work
      • Successes
        • Refugee Crisis, Turkey 1922
          • Many people needed to be housed in refugee camps
          • The League acted quickly to stamp out cholera, smallpox and dysentery in the camps
        • Introduced 8h working day and 48h working week
        • Increased women's rigjhts
        • Worked to end child labour
        • Produced an international highway code for road users
    • Treaties and agreements made outside the League
      • Washington Treaties 1922
        • To limit navies
      • Rapallo Treaty 1922
        • To help Germany with money and territorial issues
      • Dawes Plan 1924
        • To collect war reparations and handle unemployment in Germany
        • Reduced paying reparations until 1929
        • USA loan G 800 million gold marks
      • Locarno Treaties 1925
        • Germany agrees western border and loses Alsace-Lorraine
      • Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928
        • Use of war prohibited unless in defence
        • Involved USA, France and 60 other countries
      • Young Plan 1929
        • Extended time for Germany to pay reparations
    • Overall, the League was quite successful during the 1920s


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