The Korean War

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  • The Korean War
    • Korea
      • In 1945 korea was liberated from japanese control by soviet soldiers who moved into the north of the country and by US troops who landed in the south
      • The country was partitioned along the 38th parallel of latitude until elections could be held and the country reunited
    • The Emergence of the Two States
      • Unfortunately the two superpowers could not agree what kind of country Korea should become
      • The USSR was keen to see the election of a government sympathetic to communism
      • The USA sought the establishment of a regime that would ensure the introduction of democracy
      • Two separate governments  were established
      • NORTH= communist Kim Il Sung.
      • SOUTH= capitalist dictatorship Syngman Rhee
    • The Start of the War
      • Both States sought the reunification of the country. On 25th June 1950 North korea invaded the south
      • Within days the capital Seoul had been captured by North Korean forces.
      • The USA believed Stalin encouraged the invasion. they also believed a domino effect would soon begin.
      • USA asked the UN for help.
      • Kim Il sung actually was the driving force he though he would be welcome into the south
      • The UN agreed with USA, it condemned the attack then it put a army together to stop it
    • UN Responce
      • the USSR was unable to use its veto to object to the UN as it was then boycotting the UN
      • The UN which was mainly US and led by american douglas Mac Arthur landed at inchon sept 1950
      • Before long it had pushed the North korean forces back over the 38th parallel. crossing the parallel meant the UN was was now exceeding UN orders
      • However Mac Arthurs intention was to reunite the whole country. This worried North Koreas neighbour  China. They thought the USA would take the opportunity to invade china.
    • China's responce
      • Chinas fear seemed to be confirmed when Mac arthur pushed on as far as the Yalu river      North Koreas border with china
      • Then 250000 chinese troops invaded north korea Nov 1950 and pushed the UN back over the 38th parallel This had turned into an open conflict between the USA and China
      • Mac arthur wanted to destruct china urged the use of an atomic bomb  truman however wanted containment not confrontation. mac arthur was sacked
      • the war dragged on back and forth until 1951 when it took to the skies. where us and soviet pilots fought for a further two years. Lost over 6000 planes


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