The Kidneys

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  • The Kidneys
    • Acts as filters to clean the blood
    • Removal of urea from blood
      • Produced as waste product of liver
      • Urea is poisonous - released into blood stream by liver
      • Kidneys filter it out of blood
      • Temporarily stored in bladder in urine and excreted out
    • Adjustment of ion content in blood
      • ions e.g, Na taken into body in food then absorbed into blood
      • If ion content wrong-upset balance between ions and water meaning too much/little water drawn into cells by osmosis
      • Excess ions removed by kidneys
      • Some ions lost in sweat
    • Adjustment of water content of blood
      • Water lost throughurine, sweat, air breathe out
      • Water balance between liquids consumed, amount sweated out, amount excreted by kidneys in urine
      • Cool day - more urine: pale/dilute, no sweat
      • Hot day: less urine dark coloured/concentrated, sweat


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