The Katse Dam

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  • The Katse Dam
    • south Africa
      • large population of 52 million
      • large GDP of US$ 350 billion
      • capital provide is Gauteng which contains the capital city of Johannesburg
        • water deficit
          • Gauteng population of 12 million and no water supply
          • Vaal reservoir can no longer supply the city due to their large growth
            • city uses 1% of Vaal on a daily basis
        • rich in mineral deposits, particularly gold
          • water supply is needed or industries will **** down, increase in unemployment which is already 25%
    • Lesotho
      • small population of 2 million
      • every boarder boarders south Africa
      • LLEDC GDP of US$2 billion
      • water surplus
        • the topography of the Maluti mountains influences high rainfall
          • in eastern parts of Lesotho 1200 mm per year
    • Dam
      • largest dam in Africa
      • chage the course of the senqu river so that it supplies water to south Africa
      • 1'st of 5 dams
        • to increase south Africa's supply of water
      • south Africa as provided £1.6 billion into infrastructure to provide necessary access though roads and tunnels
    • Advantages
      • Lesotho
        • earns £35 million each year
          • government can re-invest into schools and health care system
        • £7000 jobs created in a country with a high unemployment of 30%
        • workers learn engineering skills
          • used afterwards to develop Lesotho
      • south Africa
        • decrease the amount of people living in squatter camps (2 million)
        • improvements in sanitation will increase quality of life
        • enable the running of the gold mine industry
        • decrease the spread of water borne diseases such as cholera
    • Disadvantages
      • Lesotho
        • subsistence farmers have lost valuable land
          • compensated with one food parcel
        • school children have to add 1 hour onto their journey to school
        • cattle herders cannot access the best pasture for their cattle
        • crops don't grown as well as higher altitudes
        • increase water insecurity
      • south africa
        • huge economic investment
          • unstable economy
        • unsuitable water supply
        • conflict over allocation
          • South Africa dealt with protests in Lesotho by sending in the army who killed 17 people
        • increase in migrants of dam workers


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