Just War Theory : strengths and weaknesses

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  • The Just War Theory: Strengths and weaknesses
    • Strengths
      • it maintains the central importance of the dignity of each human being.
      • it rejects the view that there are no rules of conduct in war situations.
      • it places moral integrity about the pursuit of naked power.
      • it encourages combatants to think about the moral implications of their actions.
      • it tries to prevent  the excesses of warfare by rejectig the notion of retribution.
      • tries to protect the innocent victims of warfare
      • the culture, traditions and laws of the defeated nation are respected. Therefore future grievances that might lead to further conflict are avoided.
    • Weaknesses
      • Concepts of war and justice have no place together. They are incompatiable.
      • Question of discrimination between a soldier and a non-combatant is a problem.
      • It is open to great abuse, people will always be able to justify war no matter what.
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