The Ionian Revolt

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  • The Ionian Revolt
    • Rebellion began on the island of Naxos
      • The inhabitants were rebelling against their ogliarchic masters
        • The ogliarchs asked for help from Aristogras, the tyrant of Miletus
          • Aristogras needs Persian military assistance to help
            • 200 ships are sent out under Megabates' command
              • However, he quaralled with Aristogras and betrayed the mission to the Naxians (the impending attack)
                • This ruins any chance Aristogras had at Persian control, so he decides to switch sides and bring democracy to Ionia
                  • He resigned as tyrant of Miletus
                  • He visits Athens to ask for help, and they agree to send 20 ships
                    • This is Greece;s first direct conflict with Persia
                    • Eretria came too
                    • After marching into Sardis, a fire broke out in said city, and at this point the Athenians left
                      • Darius quickly learned of these events and thus the grudge against Athens and Greece began
                      • When the Persians began to regain control, Aristogras fled to Thrace
                      • A battle between the Greeks and the Persians followed, and the Greeks were beaten easily. However, the Persians allowed democracy in Ionia despite their remaining rule
          • Aristogras saw this as an opportunity to gain power for himself


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