The invasion of Abyssinia

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  • The invasion of Abyssinia
    • 1.Italy had been defeated by Abyssinia in 1896 + the Italians wanted revenge
      • 2. was well-positioned for Italy to add to her lands in Africa
        • 3. ·         Mussolini had seen Japan get away with the Manchurian invasion despite the LON’s threats
          • 4. Mussolini  dreamed of making Italy a great empire again
    •  In Oct 1935, Mussolini sent troops with heavy artillery + tanks to invade
      • The Abyssinian leader appealed directly to the LON for help         
        • The LON imposed economic sanctions, but delayed banning oil exports in case the USA didn’t support them
          • By May 1936 Italy had conquered all of Abyssinia


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