Unit 6: The 'Interventionists'

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  • The 'Interventionists'
    • Leicester's expedition
      • 6 weeks later Leicester ordered to defend Dutch
      • Leicester accepted Govenor-General of Netherlands - E outraged
        • Leicester acting as her viceroy
      • E - sanctioned Burghley's commission to reopen talks with Parma
      • Campaign floundered - returned to England having failed
        • Leicester: establish control over Netherlandsby driving out Spanish & forging Protestant coalition w/ Untd Provinces
        • Elizabeth: semi-autonomous Netherlands, using threats against Spanish - persuade them to negotiate.
    • Who?
      • Walsingham and Leicester
        • England would be next if Parma gained complete control of Netherlands
          • England should intervene on behalf of Dutch rebels
        • 1585: Elizabeth persued to take action


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