2.4.6 - Controlling Air Pollution

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  • The Internal Combustion Engine
    • Carbon Monoxide CO
      • Emitted into the atmosphere from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons
      • Environment impacts
        • Majority of it comes from traffic pollution
      • Health Issues
        • Carbon Monoxide binds with haemoglobin
          • Reduces amount of oxygen supplied to tissues and organs
        • Poisonous Gas
        • People with cardio-vascular disease are more susceptible
        • Symptoms
          • Reduced manual dexterity
          • Disturbed Vision
          • Tiredness
    • Oxides of Nitrogen NOx
      • Air is drawn into the engine during the burning of fuels
        • Nitrogen oxides are produced when the nitrogen in the air is oxidised by the oxygen
          • Nitrogen Monoxide NO
          • Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
      • Environment Impacts
        • Formation of low-level ozone
        • Converted into Nitric Acid - a contributor to acid rain
      • Health Issues
        • Respiratory Irritants
        • Low levels affect asthmatics
    • Unburnt Hydrocarbons
      • Volatile organic compounds VOCs released in vehicle exhaust gases
        • Benzene
          • Human Carcinogens
        • Buta-1,3-diene
          • Human Carcinogens
      • Environment impacts
        • NO2 and unburnt hydrocarbons react together
          • Low-level ozone
            • serious pollutant
            • Causes breathing diffuculties
            • Increases susceptibility to infections


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