Indian Wars

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  • The Indian Wars (Continued)
    • The Great Sioux War 1876-77
      • Causes
        • Sitting Bull didn't want to go onto the reservations
        • Custer was sent to the Black hills to protect railway surveyors this broke a treaty
        • The government didn't stop Gold miners going there, some were attacked by the Sioux
        • The government then made an offer to buy the Black hills which was rejected
        • Relations between the Sioux and the government were poor.
      • Results
        • After the government was defeated, the public was supportive of Sioux
        • Two new forts were built
        • Split up, back into bands and went hunting
        • Some returned to reservations
        • Went to Canada, in 1881 Sitting Bull & followers were forced back from Canada by hunger to live on reservations
        • Crazy horse was bayonetted


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