Skills for Hotel Management

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  • The skills an Assistant Hotel Manager needs when launching a new wedding service.
    • need to communicate with clients, staff and manager
    • need to get all ideas across effectively
    • has to lead all the teams (departments) of the hotel
    • has to be accurate and clear to avoid any  mistakes
    • poor communication could lead to loss of business, loss of customers and poor profit
    • good communication means that everyone knows what they are doing and who is responsible
    • good communication could lead to improved business, good reputation and good profit
    • need to be good at all forms of communication - verbal, written, telephone, fax, ICT
    • need to command respect from the staff and appear organised and efficient to clients
    • need good marketing and publicity
    • Record Keeping is also vital.
      • need to keep records so that accurate invoices, bills, etc. can be prepared. Mistakes are not made when record keeping is effective.
      • need to keep accurate records during meetings in order to act upon the needs of the clients
      • keeping accurate records enables data to be used for similar events in the future
      • electronic records allow for accurate stock control, menu engineering, guest records, etc. to be kept up to date


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