Arguments against secularisation

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  • The importance of belief- against secularisation
    • Statistics tend to focus on Christian religion. There has been a rise in figures for non Christian religions. Increase in Muslim communities.
      • In Non-Trinitarian religions such as Jehovah's witnesses there has been an overall increase in membership.
    • Durkheim- Hoped there would be renewed interest in religion. NRMS could be interpreted as this, However some cults and sects have little spiritual belief.
      • Furthermore Stark and Brainbidge - all of the worlds major religions started out as sects. Therefore NRMS should perhaps be taken as evidence for continuing interest in spiritual matters.
    • Bellah - Decline in church attendance cannon be interpreted as a decline in religiosity. There has simply been an increase in private worship.
    • Post modernist- Point out that nowadays we have the freedom to choose what we believe and how we engage in religious activities, we no longer have to follow tradition.


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