The impact of the Great Depression - Germany

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    • The Great Depression
      • a worldwide economic recession triggered by the wall street crash
      • Impact on Germany
        • German businesses had to pay back loans to USA and couldn't get new ones. Markets dried up as nobody had the money to purchase German goods
        • The German government couldn't borrow money from the USA and were blamed for depending on them. They refused to print money, so they increased taxes instead
          • Government workers lost their jobs & wages reduced.
          • Cuts to unemployment benefit
          • Coalition gov made this difficult as they couldn't agree on what to do
          • Millions of workers & farmers lost jobs
            • Young people were particularly affected by job losses
          • Banks went bust & people lost their savings
          • Families suffered poverty
          • In 1928 0.8 million people were unemployed. In 1932 this had risen to 6 million.


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