The Immortality of the Soul

From Body, Soul and Personal Identity

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  • The Immortality of the soul
    • Dualistic approach says that our body is an outer shell to house the soul
    • The body is destined for decay but the mind is for higher realities like justice and goodness
    • This belief that the soul exists after death is called the immortality of the soul
      • Descartes agreed that when an individual dies their soul continues to God
      • Christians do not agree whether the resurrected form is identifiable
    • Not all Christians agree on whether it is a physical or spiritual resurrection
    • Personal Identity and an immortal soul
      • Challenges to dualism include..
      • Is our identity only the result of memories etc? Does new body have no influence?
        • Bernard Williams = Memories are not a good guide to identity. Also from physical character
          • And how we recognise one another
      • What about the casual effects between mind and body? eg. drugs and alcohol
      • Modern science has shown links between mind and brain so how can the mind survive on its own?
        • The mind appears casually dependant on the brain
      • If minds are non-physical objects, how can they cause anything to happen in the physical world?
        • Eg. if my mind is not linked to body how does my thought that I will run for the bus cause the physical action?


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