Poland to UK migration:Social and economic impacts

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  • A Moving World: Poland to UK migration
    • Social and Economic impacts on the host country (UK)
      • There's been an increase in Polish shops selling Polish newspapers, food, which adds to the cultural mix in the British society
      • The cultural history of Poland is being taught in British schools, which helps their classmates understand them better
      • There has been an increase in child benifit applications - 27,000. Some of these child benifits are still claimed, even if the child doesn't live in the UK
      • British employers like Polish workers as they are hard working and carry out the jobs which aren't preferred by British workers e.g. fruit picking and packing boxes
      • The migrant recieves approx £20,000 a year, which allows them to spend a considerable amount on luxuries
      • In Cambridgeshire, the police workforce has to deal with 100 differnt languages - costs £800,000 for translators
    • Social and economic impacts on the origin country (Poland)
      • The Polish villages are suffering from depopulation as migrants are leaving to UK, leaving the older generation behind
      • An increase in salaries means poeple can buy luxury goods
      • The birth rate has decreased as the migrants are in the reproductive age group
      • In 2007, the counstruction industry 35% of the jobs could not be filled, due to the shortage of workers
      • In 2007, montly salaries increased by 9%
      • A legislation in Poland offered migrants a one off payment of %5,000 equal to 10 months pay to encourage them to com eback to Poland


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