The Home Rule Movement

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  • The Home Rule Movement
    • Home Government Association set up by Isaac **** in 1870
      • Wanted to work with the government to create an Irish government which was still under the Queen
    • 1873- Home Rule Association became the Home Rule League
      • Went from being a political movement to a party
      • Had support from fenians and several Catholic bishops
      • Secret Ballot Act of 1872 meant that tenants didn't have to vote in front of their landlords. As a result, they gained alot of support from the electorate.
      • 1874 General Election- sixty (half) of Ireland's MPs said they were in favour of Home Rule
    • Why was the effectiveness of the Home Rule League delayed?
      • Although they gained support from the Irish MPs, most of them were Liberals rather than Home Rulers. They voted for what they agreed with, rather then the good of Home Rule.
      • There was a large Conservative majority and leader Disraeli wanted to avoid reform in Ireland
      • Radical Home Rulers were frustrated with **** and the fact they weren't getting anywhere
      • 1876- Fenian movement withdrew their support, after pressure from Clan na Gael, they believed **** wasn't getting anywhere
      • Parnell elected MP for County Meath in 1875 and was prepared to use confrontational language
        • In 1877, he became the President of the Home Rule Confederation- Clan na Gael and the fenians gave him their support


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