The Home Front/Women

One of the 6 themes for the contextual linking question.

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  • The Home Front/Women
    • Prose
      • Birdsong
        • "If I am fighting on behalf of anyone, I think it is for those who have died. Not for the living at home."
          • Feeling bitter towards those back home.
      • Regeneration
        • "All over the room yellow-skinned women were dragging themselves to their feet."
        • "Muntionettes, as the papers liked to call them."
    • Drama
      • Oh What a Lovely War
        • "Don't worry, we'll have you back at the front."
          • Their job to get the injured back and fighting as soon as possible.
    • Poetry
      • Pluck (Eva Dobell)
      • Munitions Wages (Madeline Ida Bedford)


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