The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regualtions 1981

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  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
    • States that places of work should have first-aid provision
    • Is based on various factors:
      • the number of people
      • whether there is hazardous material or dangerous equipment
      • categories of risk
        • Do a risk assessment to find level of risk
    • Makes sure that employers who become ill or injured receive successful first aid and have the right equipment and training
    • Employers are required to:
      • Provide the right equipment for first aid
      • Have an appointed person
      • Carry out an assessment of first aid needs
      • Inform employees of first aid arrangements
      • Provide cover for first aiders
    • Requirements for a first aid box:
      • 1 pair of disposable gloves
      • Guidance Leaflet
      • 20 individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressing
      • 2 sterile eye pads
      • 2 large individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressings
      • 6 medium sized individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressings
      • 6 safety pins
      • 4 individually wrapped triangular bandages


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