The healing of the crippled man at the pool (5:1-30)

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  • The healing of the crippled man at the pool (5:1-30)
    • Gathering place for the sick at the pool of Bethesda
    • angel would stir the waters and the first to get in would be cured
    • Crippled man had been there for 38 years
    • 38 years that the Israelites had been in the desert waiting for the law
    • sinful man who has not been able to enter new life as the law has failed him
    • Jesus asked the man if he wanted to be healed but the man said no one would help him into the pool.
    • healing was both physical and spiritual.
    • "take up your matt and walk"
    • Told the Jewish authorities that the miracle was preformed on the Sabbath
    • There is a place with five covered colonnades representative of the five books of the law (torah)
    • Marsh "are you happy living under the law of Moses ?"
    • Sabbath controversy
    • "lame would leap like a deer" Isaiah 35


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