C4 - Group 7 elements

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  • The group 7 elements
    • The halogens
      • Group seven elements have similar properties as their atoms have seven electrons in their outer shell
      • Halogens have similar properties because when they react each atom gains one electron to form a negative ion with a stable electronic structure
      • The nearer the outer shell to the nucleus, the easier it is for an atom to gain one electron
        • The easier it is to gain  the electron the more reactive the halogen
      • Travel round in pairs
    • Displacement reactions of halogens
      • If halogens are bubbled through solutions of metal halides there are two possible outcomes:
        • No reaction
        • A displacement reaction
      • chlorine + potassium bromide ---> potassium chloride + bromine
      • The more reactive element will displace the less reactive one
    • If electrons are gained the process is called reduction


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