The Great Terror 1936-1938

So the Great Terror consisted of:

1. 3 Moscow Show Trials which removed older high-profile Communists (which is what this mindmap is focused on)

2. The NKVD was reorganised

3. Mass murder in society

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  • The Great Terror: 1936-1938
    • 1. Kirov's murder
      • After 4pm:  1st December 1934
      • Stalin makes the most of Kirov's murder.
        • Purges
      • Nikolayev admitted to assasinating Kirov, although stated that the NKVD made him!
    • 1st Show Trial: August 1936
      • Kamenev & Zonoviev & 14 others
        • Trial of the Suxteen
        • Pleaded  innocence, sending Stalin multiple letters
        • Persuaded to confess as thought to have been promised a pardon
        • Former allies disappeared  with no trial...
      • Trial of the Suxteen
      • Imprisoned  for over a year  before appearing at the trial, charged with:
        • Assassination of Kirov
        • Plot to disrupt five-year plans
        • Conspiring with foreign powers to overthrow Government
    • 2nd Show Trial: January 1937
      • Trial of the Seventeen
        • 13 were executed while the remaining 4 remained in Gulags & shortly afterwards perished.
      • Dealt with Trotsky's former allies. Charged with:
        • Trial of the Seventeen
          • 13 were executed while the remaining 4 remained in Gulags & shortly afterwards perished.
        • Plotting with foreign powers
        • Terrorism
        • Sabotage & contact with Trotsky
      • Victims of Yexhov's 'conveyor belt system' of interrogation
        • Relentlessly tortured, sleep deprived & questioned until they confessed
      • Evidence proved to be forged by the NKVD (like the 1st trial)
        • e.g. one accused already in prison & so could not have done the accused.
    • 3rd Trial: March 1938
      • Trial of the Tewenty-one
      • Trial of Bukharin, Rykov & their 'accomplices'. accused of:
        • Trial of the Tewenty-one
        • Attempting to assasinate Lenin
      • Bukharin totrured through threat to execute wife 7 newborn baby
        • Admitted to  'political responsibility' for crimes but NEVER acknowledged guilt for actual events that had occured
        • NEVER confessed to attempting to assasinate Lenin
        • Sent Stalin a letter offering to kill Trotsky: "...go to America & smash Trotsky's face in."
        • Confessed as felt this was the last way to dedicate himself to the party.  he still felt that Communism could work even though he hated Stalin
      • "Bukharin and Ryhov died with curses against Stalin on their lips. They died standing up-- not grovelling on the cellar floor, weeping for mercy, like Zonoviev and Kamenev"


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