The Great Leap Forward - Failures

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  • The Great Leap Forward 1958 - 1962
    • Failures
    • Backyard furnaces
      • Spring 1959
      • Deforestation - trees needed as fuel
      • Household items melted for steel
      • Mass mobilisation
      • Agriculture declined - farmers were occupied elsewhere
      • Created useless blobs of steel
    • Sparrowcide
      • 1957-1958
      • Reduced harvest
    • Lysenkoism
      • The Soviet researcher's theories which Mao followed
      • Claimed to have techniques that would produce 16 times more crops than traditional methods
    • Agricultural Failure
      • False production figures submitted by the cadres
        • Tax calculated on false figures = most crops were taken away for cities
          • Peasants in the countryside starved
      • Grain still taken to pay debts to other countries (USSR  - 1950 agreement)
      • Party Cadres made the rules
        • Distributed food - could withhold food from those who did not work
        • Violent and abusive towards peasants
          • Political and sexual exploitation
      • Mao was willing to sacrifice the peasants to feed the cities
    • Industrial Failure
      • Lacked: technical skills, managerial know-how, efficiently run factories & adequate transport system
      • CCP officials issued demand & threats but hardly any instructions on how things were meant to be done
      • USSR involvement
        • June 1950
        • Stopped providing technical assistance
        • Resulted in the closure of half the 300 industrial plants that the USSR had sponsered
      • Mao's weaknesses
        • Tended to blame failure on the bourgeois elements or those administering the policies
        • Limited in his understanding of agricultural and industrial processes
        • Simply believed China could achieve advanced industrialisation by mas deployment of manpower


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