The Great Gatsby Chp 1

Aspect of Narrative for Chapter One of TGG

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  • The Great Gatsby - Chp 1
    • Setting
      • "I lived at West Egg"
      • New rich, flashy, garish, ostenatious
      • N feels he shoud be with the rich - doesn't belong there, unreliable anrrator
      • "tower on one side...marble swimming pool..forty acres"
      • East Egg, old money, more classy
        • Contrast in settings shows the underlying conflict of the two sides
    • Voice
      • "You must know Gatsby."
      • Everyone knows G
        • But G and D have never met, love is doomed?
    • POV
      • Unreliable narrator
        • "Just remember all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had"
      • G is so confusing someone so close doesn't know him
      • Or unjudgemental and allow readers to decide for themsleves
      • "I have an unaffected scorn"
    • Hinted Tom is cheating
    • Find out Nick's background
      • N visits Buchanans
        • Daisy's unhappiness
          • Hinted Tom is cheating
    • Linear structure, includes a flashback, chronological


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