The Great Gatsby chapter two

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  • The Great Gatsby, chapter two
    • Summery
      • Introduced to valley of the ashes
      • Eckleburg sign, over watching glasses.
      • Introduced to Myrtle and George.
      • Party at Tom and Myrtles apartment in New York.
        • Tom hits myrtle during an argument, Nick leaves and cuts to him in a mans bedroom.
    • Valley of the ashes is a place of desolation and poverty. lays half way between west egg and NY
      • symbolises moral decay hidden by the beautiful externals of the eggs
      • Valley is created by industrial dumping and is therefore a byproduct of capitalism.
    • Eckleburgs eyes are troubling to the reader and show when we should be cast judgement and foreshadows bad decisions
    • New York is the polar opposite of the valley, it is loud abundant and glittering with garishness.
      • Nick find it fascinating and repulsive. Thrilling but lacking morality.
    • The party  underscores Tom's hypocrisy and lack of restraint; feeling no guilt towards Daisy for his affair or for hitting Myrtle during an argument.
      • Tom appears as a bully who uses his status an dphysicality to dominate his company.
        • He is able to taunt Wilson without feeling guilt at knowing he's having an affair with his wife.
          • Contrasts to Wilson; handsome moral man who lacks privilege or wealth.
      • Party scene also used to build fascination of the mystery and excitement towards Gatsby
        • Gatsby is topic of gossip; he is well known but without anyone who holds verifiable knowledge on him.
          • The rumor Catherine spreads about him shows extend of public curiosity making him more interesting to both characters and reader.


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