The Great Gatsby Main Charaters

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  • The Great Gatsby analysis of major characters
    • Gatsby; real James Gatz
      • Originally from a poor family in North Dakota
        • Had to create personal and life for himself as being extremely wealthy- American dream.
          • Main reason for requiring wealth- Daisy
      • After Daisy married Tom, Gatsby dedicated his life to getting her back
        • Reason for extravagant parties etc
      • Most information about Gatsby is held back a while; reputation precedes him
        • We meet Gatsby the myth, questioning whom he is and whats truth or lie, as is Nick.
          • As the story goes on myth gatsby lessens and real gatsby grows
        • Fitzgerald does so to emphasise the theatrical approach to life gatsby takes.
          • 'The Great Gatsby' reminiscent of magicians 'The great Houdini' saying his persona is a masterful illustion
        • At the start of the novel we see Gatsby as he wished to appear to the world
          • talent of self innovation is what gives him his 'greatness'
    • Nick Carraway ; moves to east egg in 1922
      • cousins with Daisy and neighbours with Gatsby make him the perfect narrator
      • Inner conflict, finds the lifestyle grotesque and damaging  but on the other hand his is drawn in by its quick paced fun driven style.
        • This inner conflict is symbolised throughout the novel by his relationship with Jordan
          • Attracted to her vivacity and sophistication
          • repelled by her dishonesty and lack of consideration for other.
      • Nick states there is a 'quality of distortion' to life in New York
        • Nick realizes that the fast life of revelry on the East Coast is a cover for the terrifying moral emptiness that the valley of ashes symbolizes.
    • Daisy Buchanan
      • Said she'd wait for Gatsby to return from the war but married Tom in 1919
        • Tom had old money and guaranteed her wealth and could support her parents
      • To Gatsby, Daisy represents the paragon of perfection
        • but in reality she is shallow, bored, and sardonic
          • In reality Daisy represents the amoral values of the aristocratic east egg.
      • She is in love with money and a wealthy lifestyle
        • Capable of  affection but hold no sustained loyalty
          • She is indifferent even to her own daughter, never discussing her and treating her as an afterthought when introduced in chapter 7


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