The Rise of the Nazi Party

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  • The Great  Depression caused poverty and suffering this meant that Nazi popularity increased.
    • Some people supported the Nazis anti-communist and anti-jewish views
    • Weimar  governments kept changing at this time, but none of them managed to solve the economic problems
    • The Nazis promised prosperity and to make Germany great again. This appealed to many of the unemployed, as well as businessmen and young people.
    • In 1931, Germany's biggest bank collapsed  this made paying the reparations even more difficult.
    • By 1930 Nazi membership grew to over 300,000
    • The Depression contributed to the collapse of the Wiemar Republic. people hoped a new government could sort out the problems
    • Extremist  groups like the Nazis became popular because they promised strong leadership.
    • The depression caused massive unemployment in Germany, over 6 million were unemployed by 1933.


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