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  • The great Battle in the hall BOOK 22
    • Odysseus starts by firing an arrow Antinous right through his neck
      • shows he's highly skilled
      • the suitors are shocked
        • they say he's made a huge mistake and will die
        • they say that he's killed the greatest noble man in Ithaca
          • ironic
        • They think that this was a mistake and that the old beggar Is not skilled enough to have done this on purpose
    • the Old beggar reveals him self as Odysseus
      • Eurymachus says that as he is Odysseus killing Antious was justified
      • there is no need to kill anyone else because Antinous was the one responsible
        • Odysseus says he wont spare Eurymachus' life even if he hands him everything that he owns
          • Eurymachus tells the suitors to draw their swards and advance on him together
            • Odysseus fires an arrow at Eurymachus and he dies
    • Amphinomus tried to attack Odysseus but Telemachus saves him by killing him from behind
      • Telemachus then goes to go get shields, spears and helmets for them both
    • Odysseus shots them one by one with his arrows until he runs out and then he uses a spear
    • Melanthius follows Telemachus to see where they're hiding the weapons
      • he found the store rooms and helped himself as it was open
      • he then arms the suitors
      • Odysseus sees this
        • Odysseus stays to fight while the two servants catch Melanthius and tie him to a pillar
    • Athene disguises herself as mentor
      • Odysseus asks him to join and fight with them
      • the suitors are overly confident and say that if he fights with Odysseus then he will be killed
        • they tempt fate
        • they will also kick his sons out of his house and his wife and daughters wont be able to show their face in Ithaca
      • Athene asks him where his sprit has gone
        • she says he showed more courage fighting in Troy for Helen than in his own home
        • she gives him strength and courage
    • This suitors throw their spears at Odysseus but Athene makes sure they miss
      • Odysseus and his men take their aim and each kills a suitor
      • the suitors retreat to the far corner
      • once again they take their aim and Athene makes sure they don't kill Odysseus and his men but one hits Telemachus on hid wrist
    • the suitors were terrified and scattered like a herd of cattle
    • Leodes appears as a supplicant
      • he says that he has never done anything disrespectful to Odysseus and even tried to stop the suitors
      • Odysseus doesn't take pity and kills him
    • the minstrel Phemius then appears as a supplicant
      • he says that he was forced by the suitors to come
        • Telemachus says that its true that hes innocent and that he even looks after him when Telemachus was a boy
          • he also asks that he spares Medon the herald
    • there are no remaining suitors
    • he sends for Eurycleia to bring in the dis-loyal maids
      • there are 12 maids who have snapped their fingers at Penelope and who have slept with suitors
        • he gets these maids to carry out the dead and to clean the great hall
          • he then hung these women with a noose
          • he says he will not give a decent death to those who've slept with a suitor
    • he then unties Melanthithus
      • he slices of his nose, ears and gentiles and feeds them to this dogs
      • Melanthius is the disloyal goat herd
    • the battle contains many instances of Aristeia
      • heroic deeds against powerful enemies


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