The Goodness of God

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  • The Goodness of God
    • Evidence that challenges God's Goodness
      • Bible
        • Story of Job
          • God punished Job for selfish reasons
        • Noah's Ark
          • God annihilated the majority of the human race. He chose punishment over forgiveness
      • World
        • Holocaust
          • Thousands murdered, yet God did nothing to prevent the destruction of his own followers
        • Natural Disasters
          • God is omnipotent, yet he does not stop nature destroying thousands of lives
    • Evidence that supports God's Goodness
      • The Bible: Genesis
        • God created the for humans, so they could thrive and survive
        • God is good, he gave us land to live off
        • God punished Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit
        • God had to punish Adam and Eve as they directly disobeyed him
      • The World
        • Martin Luther King was inspired by God
        • God inspires Christians to follow the principle of Agape and to help others
        • Joan of Arc
        • Mother Teresa
    • Euthyphro Dilema
      • Is an act right because God says so?
      • Does God say it so because it is right?
      • Or.


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