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  • The good samaritan
    • "And who is my neighbour?"
      • Jesus tells us this parable to explain
      • The Samaritan and the man would have been racial enemies due to where they came from
        • The Samaritan took his time and money to care for the man
          • Jesus tells us "Go and do likewise"
            • Jesus wants us to be like the good Samaritan and love our enemies
          • "Look after him, and when I return I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have spared"
    • a priest and a Levite passed by the man who was beaten up and lying on the ground
      • they most likely didn't want to be deemed 'unclean' when on their way to prayer
        • Highlights Jewish law
        • The two passers by were law abiding rather than helpful and putting their faith into action


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