The Gold Rush

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  • The Gold Rush
    • January 24th 1848
      • Sutter's Mill, Coloma, California
        • Gold found by James.W.Marshall
      • Gold found by James.W.Marshall
    • 300,000 people went over
      • arrived by sea, east overland
      • Excited about being rich
        • called the 'forty-niners'
      • San Francisco went for 200 residents to 36,000
        • built churches, schools etc.
    • The gold
      • could be picked off the riverbeds
      • worth tens of billions of todays dollars
    • reality.
      • arguments over the gold.
      • wasting their money on drinks and gambling.
        • becoming drunk
      • harsh, cold weathers
      • People becoming greedy and obsessive.
      • reverend thought it was a sin.
        • Indians were against it also.
      • Prostitution started.


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