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  • The German Reformation
    • Luther's main ideas...
      • metanoia ='be patient'
      • Sola Fide = ' by faith alone'
      • priesthood of all bbelievers
      • sola scriptura = 'by scripture alone'
      • posted the 95 thesis on a church door in wittenburg 1517
        • this was because of indulgences being sold by johannes tetzel  to the laity giving false hope of freeing peoples souls from pergatory
          • taught the laity that they need to believe in metanoia which is 'good works' to the church not faith like luther later figures out
    • authorities reaction 1517-1521
      • met with Cajetan in Germany, 1518. to persuade luther to recant
        • meeting did not help as all cajetan said was 'the pope alone can interpret scriptures'
      • Albrecht of Brandenburg, (archbishop  Mainz) appeal to the pope to silence Luther
      • tetzel wrote the 56 thesis engaging luther in an academic debate.
      • pope asked the augustinian monks to discipline luther--- they refused and burnt church documents including 800 copies of the 56 thesis
      • Luther refused to go to a debate in Rome
      • fredrick the wise refused to send luther to Rome
      • disputation with Eck, in leipzig, 1519- eck in technical terms won the debate
        • eck forced luther to say there should be 'no pope'  because there wasnt one in the bible
        • papal bull = 'Exsurge Domine' = arise oh lord
          • asking god to take notice of the situation
        • if he would not recant  within 60 days luther would be excommunicated
        • luthers books are to be burned
        • Luther burnt the bull


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