The German Crusade

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  • The German Crusade  1196-8
    • Why did Muslim Unity decline?
      • Saladin dies, there is feuding betw/ his family (al Adil vs S's sons)
    • Motives behind German Crusade
      • Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
        • Wanted Imperial Leadership over Christendom - increase power + position, like Barbarossa, wanted Universal Empire
        • Secure Pope's support for united monarchy in Ita. + Ger.
        • Unhappy w/behaviour of Byzantines in 3rd Crusade
        • Truce w/Muslims coming to an end, al-Adil making gains, taking Damascus 1196
      • Led by Archbishop Conrad of Mainz + Archbishop Hartwig of Bremen (holy war enthusiast). Many who went had families w/crusading traditions. May have been trying to establish reputations
    • How successful was it?
      • Gained tribute briefly from Byzantines but Alexius stops his payments after H VI's death
      • Germans + eastern Franks took Beirut + Sidon, restoring land bridge from Tripoli to Tyre + Acre
      • Ended their siege of Toron, on the road from Tyre to Damascus but return home after news of H's death
      • Concluded m. of Isabella to Aimery of Cyprus
    • Effects?
      • Although Jaffa fallen, taken Beirut + Sidon - useful for bargaining
      • New truce made by Aimery w/al Adil 1198-1204, meaning future crusades not welcome
      • Provided model for 'nation based' crusading for next century
      • Outremer is basically just Acre + Cyprus
      • Increased hatred of B's in West
      • Est. Teutonic knights 1196


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