The Geneva Conference -1954 (Vietnam War)

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  • The Geneva Conference - 1954
    • Aim: to reach an agreement about the future of Indochina
    • French: wished to retain control of Vietnam
    • USA: wanted to contain any further Communist gains
    • Vietminh: wanted independence for Vietname
    • China: preferred French control rather than USA, but in reality, wanted no colonial involvement
    • Vietminh in dominant position - won the battle of Dien Bien Phu
      • Dominated most of Vietnam politically and militarily
      • Signing of the Accords forestalled US intervention and gave it time to rebuild its influence in the South
        • Eventually move towards unification through the 1956 elections
    • Outcome: Vietnam to be split at the 17th parallel
      • National elections to be held in July 1956, following a year of consultation between representative of the two zones
        • French = South, Vietminh = North
      • No troop reinforcements, no rearming and no foreign military alliances


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