The Funeral

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  • The Funeral
    • Stanza 1
    • alternate rhyme throughout. bodies separated like the rhyme?
      • inconsistent line length = lack of conviction?
    • Stanza 2
      • Those hairs which upward grew, and strength and art/ Have from a better brain,/ Can better do'it;
        • hair = nervous system = brain
        • the hair will retain the memory of her
      • except she meant that I/ By this should know my pain/ As prisoners then are manacled when they are condemned to die.
        • the hair is transformed into a manacle
        • ironically trapped by the memory of her
        • he's already dead...
        • The Good Morrow - is this because of a lack of equality - she is not here so their love can't be truly maintained...
          • whatever dies was not mixed equally
      • For if the sinewy thread of my brain lets fall/ Through every part,/ Can tie those parts, and make me one  of all,
        • hair through nervous system hold everything together - BUT hers can do it better
        • her hair stops his body deteriorating
        • language recreates and repeats the idea of wisps - fine connecting material like building blocks
          • hair = extended metaphor
        • is the hair resurrecting him?
    • Stanza 3
      • If into other's hands these relics came;/ As 'twas humility/ To afford to it all that a soul can do,
      • So, 'tis some bravery,/ That since you would have none of me, I bury some of you.
        • he's brave not petty...
        • Untitled
      • last stanza = one line shorter...
      • What ere she meant by'it, bury it by me,/ For since I am/ Love's martyr, it might breed idolatory,
        • now he's a martyr - constant transformation of the body.
        • he's becoming a relic - so is the hair. predicting worship of himself
    • critics


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