The Functions of Punishment

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  • The Functions of Punishment
    • Punishment can take the form of:
      • Retribution - vengeful  punishment E.g eye for an eye etc.
      • Restitute - repairing damage caused E.g community service
    • Three roles of punishment
      • Detterance - (short, sharp shock)
      • Rehabilitation - drug/alcohol rehab, anger management
      • Incapacitation - 3 strikes rule in the use, life means life, execution etc.
    • Prison population is 5% female and 95% male.
    • Bentham's Panoptician
      • A new way of building prisons in a circular way where the guards could see the prisoners but the prisoners could not see the guards
    • Is prison effective?
      • Very expensive per prisoner, high re-offending rate, 'university of crime'
    • Alternatives to prison? Divisionary methods such as 'youth clubs', probation, curfew, control orders, tagging, cctv etc


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