Frankfurt School

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  • What was the “Frankfurt School”? Use examples to discuss ways in which theorists associated with the Frankfurt School explained developments in methods of social control.
    • •Institute of Social Research, Frankfurt, Germany, established in 1923- Marxist orientated research centre
      • •Core theorists: Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse
        • Institute was shut down when Hitler came to power and they moved to America to continue, and returned to Germany after the war.
    • Dialectic of the Enlightenment
      • •Argued that the Enlightenment produced an opposite outcome to that intended
      • •Reason and rationality has been suppressed, through the role of mass media, political institutions, education systems, etc.
        • Leads to suppression of dissent, when a group suppresses the individual thoughts and ideas of another opposing group
    • Technology and social control
      • Frankfurt School saw the control of technology as an important source of social control
        • •Technology “"mode of organizing and perpetuating social relationships, a manifestation of prevalent thought and behaviour patterns, an instrument for control and domination“ •Marcuse (1941) ‘Some Social Implications of Modern Technology’
        • •Particular focus on the use of technology in producing mass culture 
    • “Industrial” production of culture 
      • •Standardisation (same components) •Pseudo-individualisation •(e.g. Popular music, Hollywood movies) stylistically different, same function •Rationalisation of promotion and distribution


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