Week 1 - The Fourth Estate

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  • The Fourth Estate
    • Key terms and definitions
      • The fourth estate (the media), used to mean newspaper press
        • First estate (Lords Spiritual - church), second estate (Lords Temporal - aristocracy), third estate (House of Commons)
      • Press as watchdog: nipping on the heels of the powerful
      • The radical press: When printing presses first became available to masses - printed own illegal news
        • Radical press sadly mostly disappeared now
      • The Fifth Estate - new term for online media
        • Bit of a catch-all for citizen journalism as well
    • Key theorists
      • John Stuart Mill (1800s) On Liberty
      • John Milton Areopagitica (1608)
      • Jurgen Habermas (1929)- the public sphere, coffee houses
        • Golden age of the coffee house: 1680-1730


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