The Fool

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  • The Fool
    • Quotes
      • 'the hedge-sparrow fed the cukoo so long it had it head bit off by it young'
        • New order, song contrast to blank verse
      • Why a snail has a house ... to puts head in
      • 'In boy, go first'
        • Rebalance of order
      • 'banished two on's daughters and done the third a blessing'
      • Truth's a dog must to a kennel, he must be whipped out when the Lady the brach may stand by the fire and stink
        • Society banishes truth and people are punished for telling truth
        • Truth needs to be sent to kennel ... 'have more than thou showest'
      • 'I am a fool, thou art nothing'
      • 'Why ones nose stands i' the middle of on's face ... to keep one's eyes either sides nose'
      • 'All thy other titles hast given away, that thou wast born with'
        • Idea of ********* down
    • Is he necessary?
      • Part of Lear's conscious, truth teller
        • Truths a dog must to a kennel...
      • Key to Lear's recognisation
        • 'In boy, go first'
      • Comic purpose
        • 'Tragic comedy' N.Tate
      • Similar to Cordelia / Kent
      • Little influence on plot. Doesnt develop as character
        • Yet doesn't need to?
        • Only his role important, not needed as individual?
    • The Fool is a combination of G, R & C. Manipulates his words like G&R to make L believe what he wants but cares for L as much as C


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