"The Flag" by John Agard

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  • The Flag
    • Form and structure
      • Has 5 stanzas, 3 lines in each
        • Middle line is shorter than the other two.
        • Mimics the shape of a medieval flag
          • Three lines are like three stripes of many national flags
      • Fist and third lines of the first three stanzas rhyme.
        • suggests a bond between the two voices.
      • final stanza ends in rhyming couplet.
        • Shows how the 'arguement' of the poem has been developing towards a conclusion. different directions.
      • Built around a conversation between two voices.
        • One asks child like questions
        • the other maybe represents Agard.
      • Subject becomes more personal each time.
        • nation
        • men
        • A coward
        • You
    • Language and imagery.
      • Built around clashing ideas and images.
        • Soft sounds of flag
          • "fluttering", "unfurling",  "rising",  "flying"
        • Short, sharp, hard sounds.
          • "Nation", "knees", "guts", "grow"
        • "It's just a piece of cloth". It is also as if the poet is trying to deny the symbol of its power
    • Themes
      • Nationalism is purely an abstract idea
        • We are all human and yet certain individuals, powerful leaders, will create divisions simply by giving meaning to a limp and fluttering piece of cloth.
      • Symbolism
        • a symbol whose ideas are dangerous and an invention of mankind.


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