The First Labour Government

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  • The First Labour Government. Ramsay MacDonald.
    • Successes
      • Managed to convince people that Labour was moderate , could be  trusted and were 'fit to govern'
      • Passed useful reforms
        • Raised old age pensions
        • Raised unemployment benefit
        • Wheatley's  Housing Act. Resulted in 0.5 million  new council houses being built in  the next 10 years
        • Set up a committee  for the  future of further education
    • Failures
      • MacDonald's indecisive handling of  the ' Campbell case'
        • Campbell case = communist journalist who urged men in the armed forces to disobey orders if they were ever sent down to put down a general strike
          • Was the last straw for his minority government and so he resigned -> general  election
      • Sustaining a minority government was difficult , but it was helped by the continual split in the Liberal Party. When the Liberals withdrew their support  and MacDonald could not continue
      • Didn't tackle the issue of unemployment
        • 50% of people  belonged to unions
    • Downfall
      • Campbell case
      • Loss of Liberal support
      • 4 days before the election the Daily Maiil published the  ' Zinoview letter'
        • Supposedly sent from the leadership of the USSR to the Britsh Communist party  to promote acts of subversion
          • This was exploited by the Conservatives
          • Damaged Labour's campaign in the vital last days before polling
          • Result  = Labour lost but the Conserviativeswon enough seats for S.Baldwin to form a government
    • December 1923-  October 1924
      • Managed to get into power because of Baldwin's mistake


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