First Crusade Mind Map

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  • The First Crusade
    • Crusader leaders
      • Peter the Hermit
      • Hugh Vermandois
      • Godfrey of Boullion
      • Baldwin of Boulogne
      • Bohemond
    • Muslim Leaders
      • Kilij Arslan
      • Duqaq
      • Danishmend
      • kerboga
      • Ridwan
    • Reasons the Crusade was called
      • Envoy sent by Alexius Comnenus to the council of Picenza
        • Battle of Manzikert 1071 - Seljuk Turks took Byzantine land
      • Improve status of Papacy
        • Investiture Contest 1075
          • Pope Gregory VII
          • German Emperor Henry IV
    • Reasons for Success
      • Religious Fervour
        • Peter Bartholomew and the  Holy Lance
        • Peter Desiderius
          • vision told him to make the army march around Jerusalem to have it taken in 9 days
      • Muslim Disunity
        • Riley Smith - Turkish rulers  were more hostile towards each other than the Christians
        • Dispute between Shia and Sunni Muslims stemming back to just after the death of Muhamad
      • Crusader leadership
        • Bohemond's spy in Antioch aided the capture of the city
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