The Field of Waterloo, Thomas Hardy Poem

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  • The Field Of Waterloo by Thomas Hardy
    • Context
      • An excert from an enormous poem called 'The Dynasts'
      • Describes the battlefield of Waterloo from the perspective of timid, innocent animals
      • The effects of war on nature and the surrounding landscape
      • Title prepares the reader for something else as it refers to a famous battle
      • Hardy challenges our interpretations of war by presenting us with a battle between man and nature
      • Interested in exploring the impact man has on nature
      • Love of nature and interest of war is evident
    • Imagery
      • Hardy presents a different and unexpected view of battlefield
      • "...the conveys are scared by the thud of the hoofs..."
      • Here Hardy presesnts us with an image of a frightened rabbit. Makes us feel sorry for it, by showing us the rabbit is scared
        • "...the conveys are scared by the thud of the hoofs..."
      • "Vanishing heels" Emphasises the speed at which the horses are pounding the groound. Suggests violence
      • "..Swallows abandon the hamlet roofs" Effect of war on the swallows. They are also frightened. Image is filled with movement as we can imagine the swallowing flying away from the war
      • "Larks eggs scattered..." Image of destruction. Hardy focuses on the vulnerable animals to remind us of wars destruction. Image shows the unnatural behaviour brought about by war.
    • Individual Words
      • "Crushed" Helps to convey the violence of war
      • "Scattered" Helps to convey the harsh conditions for the vulnerable animals
      • "Terrible Tread" "Thud"  Helps to convey the violence, power and aggression of the horses
      • "Beaten" Emphasises the violence
  • Love of nature and interest of war is evident


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