English GCSE - The Falling Leaves

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  • The Falling Leaves - Margaret Postgate Cole
    • What's it about?
      • The autumn leaves falling from the trees remind the poet of soldiers being killed at war.
    • Form
      • Made up of one stanza that contains one complex sentence. The lines are all different lengths which could represent the random way the leaves fall. There is a regular rhyme scheme.
    • Structure
      • Before the semi-colon the poet describes the leaves falling and after she talks about the soldiers dying.
    • Formal language
      • Uses formal, old fashioned language. This adds dignity to the comparison made.
    • Natural imagery
      • Falling leaves and dying men are compared to snowflakes to highlight the number of men that died and how silent and quickly it happened.
    • Sadness
      • Calm, reflective tone of sadness
    • Regret
      • Sense of sorrow for the deaths that happened for no reason
    • Respect
      • Poet shows respect for those killed
    • Comparisons
      • Death - Out of the Blue, Mametz Wood, Come On Come Back; Sadness and loss - Futility, Poppies.


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