League of Nations in Abyssinia

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  • The League of Nations in Abyssinia
    • In December 1934, a dispute about the borderbetween Abyssinia and the Italian Somaliland flared into fighting.
    • In January 1935, Haile Selassie, the emperor of Abyssinia, asked the League to arbitrate.
    • In July 1935, the League banned arms sales to either side, and in September 1935, it appointed a five-power committee to arbitrate.
    • In October 1935, the League's committee suggested that Italy should have some land in Abyssinia.
    • Instead, Italy's 100,000-strong army invaded Abyssinia. The Italian troops used poison gas and attacked Red Cross hospitals.
    • Britain and France refused to intervene. In December 1935, news leaked out about the Hoare-Laval Pact- a secret plan made by the foreign secretary of Britain and the prime minister of France to give Abyssinia to Italy.
    • In the end, the League did almost nothing. By May 1936, Italy had conquered Abyssinia.


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