The Eye

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  • The Eye
    • Basic parts
      • CORNEA:light enters eye, transparent layer that protects eye and helps to focus light on retina
      • RETINA: light sensitive cells around inside of eye - detect light and send signals to brain to be interpreted
      • IRIS: coloured ring of muscle that controls the amount of light entering the eye - adjusts size of pupil
      • PUPIL: hole formed by iris - light enters through pupil
      • EYE LENS:  focuses light on retina, change shape to focus light from objects at varying distances. Connected to ciliary muscles attached to lens by suspensory ligaments. Muscles change thickness of eye lens
    • Focus on objects at different distances
      • Fibres of ciliary muscle are parallel to circular edge of eye lens, when contract shorten and squeeze eye lens making it thicker
      • Normal eye vision - 25cm to infinity
      • To see a nearby object clearly, eye lens has to be thicker than if the object is far away
    • Real, inverted image forms on the retina - brain flips it over


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