Existence Of God

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    • Cosmological Arguement
      • St. Thomas Aquinas
      • First Cause Arguement
      • Everything that exists has a cause, nothing can exist without being caused, but the chain cannot go on forever, the first cause must be God
      • If everything has a cause, What caused  God
      • Why does the first cause have to be God
      • Big Bang, Big Crunch, endless chain of events
      • Quantum Physics
    • Teleological Arguement
      • Design Arguement
      • William Paley
      • Watch Analogy
      • If the Universe is designed, why are there so many faults e.g. Earthquakes
      • The Universe is to complicated to have occurred by chance
    • Morality Arguement
      • Everyone has an inbuilt sense of right and wrong,
      • Everyone shares similar morals (Murder is Bad)
      • Since everyones Morals are the same, someone must have made it like that, that person could only be God
      • God gave people a sense of guilt to stop people going against there bad morals, making everyone have good morals
      • Hitler had the same Morals as Ghandi?
      • Our Morals are moulded by society, not God
      • Does someone in LA have the same morals as someone living in the Brazilian Slums
    • Experience Arguement
      • Theists who experience Miracles often believe them to be an act of God
      • Miracles Happen, therefore God exists
      • A Revelation is Gods way of acting, in the world
      • A miracle is an unexplained event that breaks the laws of nature
      • These experiences are normally personal, therefore they could simply be the product of hallucinations, wishful thinking or tricks of the mind
      • Fluke
      • Unexplainable events may one day be explained by science


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